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Sorry David I don't know where you are, but if in UK have a look here http://www.lionpic.co.uk/catalog/Print-Lacquers-Accessories,328.aspx?items=5&page=2&sort=1&dir=0 at this low preasure spray gun. I have been using one for past 18 months. Used to roller the varnish, but after using one of these babies you will see that rollering is a mugs game.

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Here (Sydney, Ausralia) we use, and have been for the past two years,  Optimax - AQUAMAX "water based liquid laminate" as a  clear coat. Roller application, we then  wait until they just tack and hang up in racks like a clothes line until cured. We turn  around up to thirty 20" or wide format from our Epson canvas printer on a daily basis.  

Selection of roller is critical, use a mop type with std paint tray. Wash/rinse thoroughly between breaks.

The product sheet says it can also be applied to dye-sublimatiuon media as well?

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I find it the choice of coating depends on whos canvas you use. I use either print guard or Tetenal do a spray also (But they do smell quite a lot, need  plenty of ventilation) on 'Epson' canvas and a liquid varnish from tetenal for 'breathing colour' economy canvas check with the canvas supplier as to which type works best. (I dont get enough canvases to warrent a spray gun)

A cautious note : allow 24 hrs after printing before applying a top coat (Especially a liquid one).

If you want details on the spray and/or liquid please email me: info@myfotoshop.co.uk

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