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Nimslo 3D processing


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Hi Digitalfotostudio,

i found that link too, - but it is an even uglier website than mine, - by a long long way !

below is the reply I sent, - but I would still love to hear of and 1st hand renticular 3d printing experience from any minilabhelp members.



My Reply to my customer:

Hi Debs

what you are looking for is anyplace that offers 'renticular printing'

it's the process of creating a print with a plastic lined lens over the front that shows different versions of the same image from different viewpoints.

I have been recommended a place in Canada


there was another place called Snap 3d but their web site is dead, and I have heard no good news about them for years......

There is a forum which might be helpful, thou their last post was in 2007


If I can find out more I will let you know, - until then I think it is Canada snap3d at $2.80 per 4x6 is your only option - but at least the dollar is weak!

I am going to PMA - the industry trade annual trade show in CA next month, - and know that there will be China based companies offering Renticular printing, - I will find out what I can for you.

Finally, A Suggestion ! - there is loads of cheap/free 3d software about that will take 2 images, - typically a left foot, and a right foot image, - and make them into a red/green 3d image that looks wierd/great through the funny glasses. ( we sell kits is Spectrum for about a tenner)  why not just c41 process and scan the negs, - then play around with 3d software and funny glasses ?

Hope you find what you are looking for (in 3D)

Phil Rigby

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I saw some of the trade samples that Tony Laurence was showing for this process in the late 70's. He had a poster size shot of 7 up been poured into a glass full of ice that filled up as you walked past it. The city poured millions into it along with Timex who made the cameras up in Scotland. Ho hum....

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