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to many photos


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just had in this morning a young lady with over 3000 photos on a memory stick and and only

wanted to print 2.

i told her she was wasting her time as it will take so long to just find the photos on the kiosk

so she tried but gave up after 10min.

question; i could of offered to look them up on our own desk top but for 2 photo and just


the time does not justify the dollar value

what would you do.

Thanks Richard.


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yeah normally we'd say use the machine, or do it at home.

for two pictures its hardly worth it , especially if she doenst know where tehy are.

i mean if they knew its say the middle or the start or the end or file numbers etc, then we might entertain the idea, otherwise its out to the kiosk.

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As I see it there's two problems, one is kiosk software that doesn't allow the user to quickly

navigate to particular images, and the other is we don't charge enough!

This happens alot in my shop, the "kiosk" I have is just a PC so I just exit the kiosk software

and find the images.

I think it's crazy to keep so many images on a card (you can bet they haven't been backed up

too!) but it's what lots of people do so we have to deal with it.

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