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Christmas card trading?????


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I've been thinking about this for a while now, but now that Retired brought this up .......

Talking about trading.... Neil, can you setup a another forum heading for us to trade our "custom-made" (NOT bought) card templates ?  Something with a point system so that leachers can't just come by and "suck-up" all cards without making a donation or submitting their own card templates ?  Have them all in PNG or TIF formats... For every submitted card, you'd get "points" based on what others "grade" that card (higher grade=more points) and you use those points when you download a card.... ???  Or you could "buy" points to be able to download cards.  Or get "points" when ever you make a "good" post or reply to help someone, or make a donation to your board.

BUT the submitted cards would have to be "unique", "your own design", and not copyright stuff that you've bought or Leached from somewhere (someone) else.

What do you say ?  It's a BIT of work (ok a LOT of work) to implement, but would be /could be very helpful for us that are "creatively handicapped" or too cheap to buy from the wholesalers at $35 / card.

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Neil, I could help with the database diagram / write code if you need help.... I just don't like perl... LAMP/WAMP, no problem, perl...  :-/

We have enough users here to be able to pull this off in a good way, and most of us are geographically far enough apart to not affect each other, and we can say they're "unique" to us, but not so much so that it looks "exactly like" or "very close to" those by the big wholesalers.

We just need to be able to secure the cards so that someone doesn't come in, get a bunch, and put them up on ebay for their personal profit.  Any proceeds should go to you and the site (unless there's so much that you have to fly us all into London and throw a really big party  ;D  ).

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