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Mini Photolab


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Hi Mano,

You may want to go for a dry lab like the Kodak APEX.

This Kodak APEX 70” System can print up to 1,800 4x6" per hour and can print up to 8x10's from memory.

You can produce multiple items from one SKU!

It is listed here: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/business/retailPhoto/products/APEX/configurationsMain.jhtml?pq-path=14496

Hope this helps :)

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> You can produce multiple items from one SKU!

Kodak keep saying this in their marketing, but it means almost nothing (every comparable printer does the same, and always has).

And most minilab folk don't know or care what a SKU is anyway. (It's American for Stock Keeping Unit, isn't it? What we call a part no.?)

So they're saying: "...and if you put a roll of paper in it, you can print different things on the same roll!" ?

But aren't there actually economies to be had by printing different sizes from different roll-widths?

SKU all marketing, I say. SKU it!

- Harry (the) Crank

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