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What would you buy?


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It depends what you're calling quality !!!

The good question is : what level of quality is expected by your customers, or is it for yourself ? (I also have the virus  ;) )

The one you find at next door chemist (mass retail ) or the one used for professionnal prints that finish in museums ?

If you choose the first any dry lab would fit (but that's not what I'm calling quality)

just try to print a properly exposed image with an adobe RGB profile...or a simple grey scale...  ;D

those printers are design for 95% of the consumers not for fine art printing

The other solution are quite expensive but we can start speaking about quality.

Basicaly : two main technologies at the moment  : silver halyde and inkjet ( photography VS digigraphy )

Both give excellent results (as long as you understand the full process....IT degree highly recomended  :-/ )

The main concerns should be :

-durability (of the machine and its manufacturer)

- consumables cost and availibility (now and in five years)

If you have a look in a few photographic galleries and museum , main printing processes are still C-print or B&W on fiber paper

You start finding some inkjet prints, but mainly for the wider sizes (32'' wide or more)

For the referenece, have a look at Ansel Adams prints (he was photographer AND printer) and his different studies about

photographic quality. There's also the Fresson process ...( don't expect any prints bellow £500 )....

and plenty others....but I'm now totally out of topic  ;)

So to reply quickly  :

durst or epson for the widest format

Fuji or Kis wet lab for the rest

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