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IF any one is in the Manchester area,it might be worth a trip to the trafford centre.(upper level)

Theres a new store opened ,its a smart cofffee shop concept  with full coffee and sandwich ranges,theres about 10  tables for 6,each table has an order station and card reader  and theres a mini lab in the back.

I didnt get chance to have a proper look but they seemed to be doing photos and canvases on site.

At first glimpse it just looks like a coffee costa/starbucks.


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It is a KodakExpress concept trial store. They are using a APEX dry lab with 10 kiosk Heads linked to it,

offering the standard products you would expect in any KEX store.

They also have linked up with an American Coffee Brand, tried there own first but found the customers

did not relate to a non brabded product. Some company in Seattle I think.

There has great interst from the consumer but early days yet, been open about 6 weeks.

Its the brain child of the company that do the display stands for Kodak at Focus and other exhibitions

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A little dickie bird told me about this a while ago, unfortunately i'm a long way from manchester but i'd love to see the layout etc.  Lets watch this space, I like the idea and have often joked about having a coffee machine here but then I think with some of my customers would I really trust the machines with liquid? Hmm .

Any one else have a coffee machine in store ?

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Funny this, but those with a long memory, may remeber that before I disolved my partnership we were going to embark on a similar venture.... The thread will still be here, tho, I am going back to 2006.

The Trafford Centre is just 15 minutes from where I live, I have been twice, and never again (well not in a hurry) I could visit and do some photos after the Christmas Break if any one would like to see more

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Good idea! Here in Tunisia we have so many coffee shops  which are always full(high rates of youth unemployment!), so having a coffee machine in the shop might invite more customers in! But here they'd probably expect the coffee free with the photos!!! And I suppose one would have to be careful not to mix up the chemicals with the coffee!  ;D

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