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Ferrania distributes Agfaphoto

Harry Crank

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The AgfaPhoto brand is being kept alive in the same way the Polaroid one has been over the years, I see: via an entity that licenses it. Ferrania are taking it up in the states.

Agfaphoto Press Release

Lupus Imaging & Media selects Ferrania USA as its North American Distributor of AgfaPhoto Brand Film, Ready-to-Use Cameras, Analogue Cameras and Battery Products

Langenfeld, Germany – December 16, 2009 – Lupus Imaging & Media – worldwide license partner of the AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH for several analogue photographic products - today announced that it has selected Ferrania USA, Inc. as its exclusive North American distributor of AgfaPhoto branded Films, Ready-to-Use Cameras, Analogue Cameras and Battery Products. Ferrania USA will stock and distribute the product lines through its offices and distribution center located in Weatherford, Oklahoma.

The AgfaPhoto product lines being distributed by Ferrania USA will include AgfaPhoto Vista 35mm Color Print Film ISO 100, 200, 400 available in 12, 24, and 36 exposures. As well, AgfaPhoto CT Precisa 100 35mm Color Transparency Film and AgfaPhoto APX 100 Professional Black-and-White Film will also be available.

In addition, AgfaPhoto LeBox Single-use Cameras will be offered in both flash and outdoor models and will be pre-loaded with 35mm, 27 Exposures, ISO 800 color print film. Along with the Ready-to-Use Cameras, Ferrania will be offering a series of AgfaPhoto Analogue Camera Gift Sets that include fix focus, auto focus and zoom models.

A high quality assortment of batteries that include an alkaline battery range, accus (including the pre-loaded “Direct Energy” products) as well as chargers will complete the condensed AgfaPhoto product range to be launched in the US market.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Ferrania USA on this agreement to service customers within the North American market,” said Holger Pusch, Managing Director, Lupus Imaging & Media. “We are excited to have the opportunity to re-launch our line of AgfaPhoto film and camera products back into North America. We know that there is still a viable market for analogue photographic products and we are confident that Ferrania has the experience and resources to service this demand.”

“I believe that our companies represent a good fit based on our shared long-time experience within the silver-halide industry,” said Don Cacciola, President, Ferrania USA, Inc. “Ferrania has been in the photographic industry for well over eighty-five years and Ferrania USA has been supporting the needs of retail and commercial photographic customers within North America for forty-five years.”

The AgfaPhoto brand:

AgfaPhoto is the world-famous brand in the consumer imaging market. At all times, AgfaPhoto has been a synonym for outstanding quality and intelligent solutions in the field of consumer imaging. Thanks to the extremely easy handling of the products, anyone can enjoy perfect pictures with AgfaPhoto. AgfaPhoto is the personal companion that lets consumers experience the world of images in all its exciting facets and turns the special moments in life into lasting and shareable memories. AgfaPhoto is used under license of Agfa-Gevaert NV & Co.KG and Agfa-Gevaert NV. This is the claim and the promise of AgfaPhoto. Based on this promise, AgfaPhoto offers attractive consumer imaging products like digital cameras, single-use cameras, digital photo frames, films and batteries.

The companies:

AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH is the exclusive licensee of the brand AgfaPhoto by Agfa-Gevaert NV & Co. KG. AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH issues sub-licenses for single products and product groups to qualified manufacturers that take responsibility for the production and the sale of products with the highly renowned brand name AgfaPhoto.

The licensee:

Lupus Imaging & Media is an internationally operating production and distribution company dealing in imaging and media products such as film, single use cameras, analogue and digital cameras, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, energy products (batteries and rechargeable batteries), photo frames and photographic papers.

The distributor:

Ferrania USA Inc., a subsidiary of Ferrania Technologies and a world leader in private label photographic products, offers custom-tailored programs for retailers globally. Formerly with Imation Corporation, with a strong 3M heritage of quality and dependability, Ferrania Technologies is a privately-held, independent company based in Ferrania, Italy.

For more information:

For more information, please call the company’s toll-free (USA) number, 888.846.2846; e-mail usinfo@ferraniait.com; or visit Ferrania Technologies’ Web site: http://www.ferraniait.com.


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