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Have talent, will travel


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Hi everyone,

We've sold up!  But can you ever really sell out of this industry?  In your blood!  And we've only had 6 years of transfusions!

So anyone out there want a holiday?  Want 2, 3, 4 weeks off?  We'll come and run your business for you while you take a break.  Could, if you like, rent your house at the same time and feed the dogs, chooks (that's chickens in Oz speak), or whatever!

Him who must be obeyed - sells ice to an eskimo.  Does all the chemical/machinery maintenance what-not.  Me - proficient in Photoshop (NAPP editor's award in restoration), canvas prints, and all the other paraphanelia that we log up to "photographic services" in our P&L.  Tripled this year.  Have a degree, not that dumb.  Proficient almost anal retentive in keeping immaculate books/records

Waddya think?  Any takers?

Have talent.  Will travel.

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