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Help needed with special effect...


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That should be a less than 5 minute job in Photoshop....  You could even set up an action to auto do it for you.

Please tell me how  :) I've converted the image to greyscale, and back to RGB, and used the paint bucket to add the colour (set to overlay) works pretty well but not quite right.

Setting up actions is no problem, but a bit of guidance on the individual steps would be good. Don't forget I'm nearing bus pass age so simple instructions are best. Don't do geek  ;D

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OK, sorted now. Couldn't quite get the result I wanted using photoshop. Had a look on Google and came up with this :-


Does exactly what I want with about 2 mouse clicks!  Will do lots of other effects which I am often being asked for. It's not free sofware, cost me £64, but I'll get that back on the job I'm using it on. And I'll market 'Warhol' style prints.

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