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minilab valuation


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We bought a store a few years back and found there were no specialists in this market so used business valuer who worked from his experience and our knowledge of the industry. I am using a consultant who knows the market well so if want some advice email me and I will send you their contact details.  noristuvet@yahoo.co.uk

If you are looking seriously at Snappy Snaps there have been a few in recievership so you could keep an eye on the Gazette and talk directly with the recievers. Possibly pick up a bargain? Also there are lots that would like to sell but don't neccessarily advertise so if there is a store you'd prefer it could be worth talking directly with the owner.

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Photo Processing business are not worth much in the current financial climate and any minilab equipment will be worth very little.

You would need to take a good look at the rent increases due on the property and look at what others are paying in the area, in Central London one rent increase could easily swallow up all that profit and you have a worthless business.

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Tomasens - I would like to know how you got on with your research.

I am thinking of looking into Snappy Snaps a possible business venture - so haven't started my research yet.

What is the overall impression of this business? Plus a brief SWOT analysis.

Any information supplied would be appreciated.


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If you are wanting to get into the business this probably is the best way. Snappy Snaps still seem to be putting shops in ( I saw a new one in Birmingham recently ) so they are more resilient than others out there. Perhaps email Noritsuvet in the earlier posting as they obviously have a good contact to learn more.

Whereabouts is the shop you are looking at? When I spoke with Snappy Snaps at a Franchise fair they were very enthusiastic about the Swiss Cottage branch. I'm guessing it must be one of their best performing sites as this was mentioned quite often.

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Thanks all.

Snappy Snaps is not the first franchise that I have looked into.

For this one, I am at early research stage and would definitely investigate critically.

What I wanted to know from inside minds within the industry is a critical assessment of the business and possibly the industry as a whole.

I have sent email and private message on individuals that I think can offer something - hopefully I will hear back soon.



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Hello Muser. There will be lots of photolabs available on and off market but as Phil says, take the time and really work out whether this is the right industry before you launch further.

When you do find a shop that looks attractive get their business and marketing plan as past performance is no measure of where they may be headed. Look to see how well structured it's operation is. That is often why buyers prefer the franchises as they have all this in place.

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Fresh from a family vacation in California, Rick Wallerstein went to the Stop & Shop supermarket in Berkeley Heights, N.J., last month to drop off a roll of film, as he has done for about two decades.

A former film processing business sits empty in Berkeley, Calif. Sales of film have plunged the last four years, as much as 30 percent a year, sharply cutting into demand for processing.

But a sign on the familiar drop-box next to the juice aisle informed him that because of the advent of digital photography, film would no longer be accepted at the store. “The sign said something like, ‘Thanks for your past patronage and good luck,’” Mr. Wallerstein said.

When he returned to the store 10 days later, both the box and the sign were gone. “It’s like it never even existed,” he said. “As if it had all been a dream.”

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