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Black Specs


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For us, it's caused by tiny bits of polyester stuck to the surface of the substrate (t-shirt, mousepad, whatever)  

Try using a lint roller on the surface of the substrate FIRST before pre-pressing or the final press.

It does help - It might not get rid of the problem completely, but does help.

Photographis is right as well. try to clean first and also use the lint roller.

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I have had this problem previously and also thought it was particles of dust Nash, I primarily noticed it on t shirts although the specks were blue.  I later noticed it on other items.  Although we work in as much a dust free enviroment as we can because of the labs  there  be a bit of static, I have found on occasion that when I have wipe a coaster or mug they are then like dust magnets so I then end up having to blow the dust away.  

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yeah, dust........ bain of our lives. Forgot to mention that....don't know why.

  Talking of static, i have noticed a build up on the presses (nice when you get a blast whilst unloading a hot mug), but i suppose one must expect it with all those coils. Going to get my friendly sparky to double check earthing on the machines, even tho they are reading fine.

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