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Guidelines for buying used minilab


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i know nothing about fuji labs - but i do know that when i knew nothing about what i was buying (copiers, labs etc) i was taken for a ride everytime. the trouble with labs they require a lot of after sales service. ok Fuji is a great name but w/o their co-operation this is a high risk. i would buy from whoever can provide the aftersales.

what is the costliest repair, does it have a laser, if it does expect that to need replacement!

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I would look for a lab with everything you need, as some of the optional extras can be rare.

How many paper magazines? As many as possible, we have 12!

A second ir third paper supply to avoid changing,

all the masks you will ever need, 120 sizes, slide options etc,

you can probably skip APS

you will need technical support from Someone with experience, manuals and this forum are not enough!!!

Do you have space to buy a second machine to canabalise?

Old motto.....

Buy cheap, buy twice!

Minilab must be ultra reliable, or all work you do building a business will be lost when lab is dead for a while.



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