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Sharing Information on Minilabhelp

Mr Noritsu

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I've been a member of this site for some years now and I've lost track of how many CD's or emails I have sent to other members of the minlad industry in various countries. All I've ever asked for is to have the postage sent to me, but I have never refused to send something just because I did not get postage.

To other members who share information via downloads, and download links, I say thank you

I am becoming a little annoyed at the increasing trend to charge for copyrighted software and programs, which were freely supplied when machines were purchased.

I know its different when you buy a new machine and have it installed by a trained technician. Everything you need comes with it.

But it seems to me that there are some out there who are deliberately trying to take advantage of others who are buying pre-owned machines, or secondhabd machines that do not come with all the original software or manuals. Just because the material is not supplied with the seconhand machine does not mean its an oportunity to charge someone else for it.

I also question the selling of pirated copyrighted software from any of the manufacturers. Put simply, it is illegal.

Even sharing the stuff is technically illegal, but giving someone a "back up" may qualify.

At sometime in the future, EVERYONE is going to need help with an unsolvable problem.

How about we all remember that, and get back to SHARING information with our friends around the world. It will help to make the world a better and more friendly place

OK. I feel better now! :)

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I totally agree with you Mr Noritsu.

There are a few people on here who ask for software and manuals (for free) then once some kind person has shared it, it's on their website being sold for hundreds of dollars. Which is totally wrong.

Noritsu in the UK are pretty good and will normally supply you with free software upgrades providing the machine is still in warranty or has a service contract. But you have to ask them for it! It is not automatically sent out.

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OK, a few words...

This is a self help group, you join, you help, you get a problem you ask for help. Simple

Please let me be aware if any member here is charging for anything at all, I will deal them

I will not tolerate the selling for personal gain the selling of any software. I understand that on machine’s  that are getting on a bit in years, and may now have a second user, that software, manuals etc, may have got lost, so the share off this is tolerated, but no such software or files will ever be on this server.

If any member of this site is ever contacted via e-mail, private message or any other contact method, by a user that is offering a service for commercial gain, please inform me

This web site actually cost me money to run it

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Also, For those of you that have received help or have helped resolve a problem on this site,

please Please Please don't forget to help Neil run this fabulous support site !


Without him and his generosity all of us would be in a big world of hurt.

Without this site, my machine would be costing me a LOT of money to support and maintain...

Think about that the next time someone helps you out of a problem...


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