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What's hot for Christmas


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Can't believe it is almost Christmas! What is everyone picking will be the hot product this Christmas? In the last few we have had digital frames  :o Canvases  :) and photobooks  ::) so what will it be this year? All ideas appreciated as there is still time for me to stock up before those Christmas weeks  :)

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I am a salesman for one of the major suppliers. One thing I try to do when I'm on the road visiting customers is ask them what is working for them. The big thing I have heard of that might spur some ideas is FILM Amnesty. One customer offered this and had 2000 people enter his store in the last month.

Here's what he did- Banner outside that offered to process one roll of film that may have been lying in the bottom of a drawer somewhere and then burning it to a CD for a discounted price. Then he offered a deal on an enlargement with a holiday frame (cardboard). It doesn't sound like a huge deal but 2000 rolls of film walked in!! He said he sold over 1000 enlargements not including the CDs. He's decided to run it again. He also had customers join his "club."

This is just a suggestion and meets the little investment people will be spending this year.

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We started the film amnesty about 18 months ago but haven't advertised it for 12. However we had someone come in two weeks ago with 292 rolls.  She is somewhat of a procrastinator and still hasn't finally decided what she wants so we have processed the films with 6x8 index prints and kept them in rolls for possible scanning and printing.

So the amnesty keeps working on a word of mouth basis.

But its not really a Xmas thing.

I think a great mix of stuff will be hot this Xmas. Mugs and mouse mats will go crazy once the big places go past their cut off times. Same with canvas, calendars and books. I see some of the photobook people are already just about closing off.

In the Australian summer, cheap underwater digitals, SD video cameras like the ZX1 and Zi8. Digital frames under $100 and $200 and various hot compacts. DSLR's seem to have slowed a bit and they really are more something you buy for yourself.

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