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Is anyone else in the UK having any problems with their local council re A boards. Ours have decided that all A boards need planning permission ! There are also rules regarding how many, the placement of them and the type of A board allowed.

Ours is a very nice professional one supplied by Kodak in which we can change the advert to suit the special ofers we have running but its fault according to the council is that it is a swing board and they are only going to allow proper easel type A boards.

We have to apply for planning permission with a picture of the board so have to buy a new board first and the pay £365 to apply.

I ask myself it is worth it - has anyone else had this problem?


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Yep, all shops in my town recently received letters after complaint from a partially sighted person.  A few of us got together to speculate on who's sign in the town was causing a proble

Now the local bookstore..huge sign, under walkway way where all pedestrians walk when raining purchased her sign only the same week as receiving the letter and simply told them to b***** off.

Nothing was done and mine still remain,  the complaint was several months ago now.  

What really gets me are the flower shops,cheap shop    who don't pay anything and surely propose more of a danger. We all have to navigate through the plants and plastic boxes when we walk under the covered area.

Interesting that they haven't pursued it although I suppose there is always time. I'm not sure I would be prepared to pay such a sum, does it generate that much more business? I don't know, difficult.

I'm situated around the corner to the main street and have my stands on the main street because  I do not get as much foot traffic just wandering past.  Maybe it does.  Perhaps i'll do a survey and ask people coming into the shop whats on my a board?

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I have been under the impression that if you own the pavement - or land outside your shop you can do what you want.

If it is council owned and maintained - then it is theirs, and they can control what you do on it.

I have heard of cases where a charge is made, this planning permission one is an alternative 'tax' ?

In either case the business is responsible for insurance incase the blind or stupid trip on it.

We own our pavement so have 3 boards, - maybe time to get another ....


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