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We have seen a number of customers recently with batches of RAW files. It must be all these people who believe they need to shoot everything at the highest resolution possible - in case they need to produce a wall size print!

The kiosks don't like them and it is a real mission photoshopping each one to optimise for production. Has anyone any better ideas for handling these?

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Raw files....

Ahhh, back to school training : everything's about educating our customers !!!

A raw file is designed to be post processed before printing: that's mainly to compensate the eventual shooting problems:

no time to run a proper white balance, difficult lightning conditions (10 stops on a shoot) or whatever...

Unfortunatly, the camera manufacturers have just forget to explain that to their customer...

And the printers have to solve the issue. (remember me the bad time of APS)

Problem is also that manufacturers (mainly Nikon) are constantly upgrading their raw;

that mean: for each new camera, we have to update plugins or software...endless !

What I'm doing is to explain my customers they should process their raw files themselves;

to get the best of their shoots before printing; if not, premium price !!

Anyway, my DKS 17 is able to handle raw files (but the process become quite slow)

At the end, specific equipment/software for specific files = specific price (50% up)

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It is true that DKS 17XX (or 16XX) with latest software 4.8.1 will open Nikon .nef file, but it will open correctly only raw file from Nikon D200 & D2, and not from D300 (it will open it, but the result is not OK).

I tried that, because customer had both (D200 & D300), cameras  ;)

This is from tech PDF regarding improvements for D 4.8.1:

"Supporting RAW D2, D200 (*.NEF)"

And this is not surprising, having in mind how long is waiting period for creation and testing new minilabs software, comparing how fast camera manufacturers are placing new models.

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As said before: Is a question of education to the customers.

All the images that come to the shop have to be ready to print: no raw-no hiper-highly megapixels,uncompressed images with 10 MB each...

We can't print directly that files, we have to convert-it, down-size it... first.

If the customer can't or doesn't want to do it, then you do it, and the customer has to pay extra money for that.

Is simply: more work-more money.

Customer has to understand that there is extra work for that if they bring images in this



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