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DV lottery photo validator


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The DV lottery has always been a good source of ID photo business for us.

This year is open 2 oct to 30 nov with the usual specific photo requirements.

We always put the sized image through the photo validator to check compliance before giving to the customer, - but this year the website is returning Connection interupted from Firefox, and Page cannot be displayed from Explorer.

Here is the validator page:


I attach a file which SHOULD be compliant .........

Cannot work out why this would be, - any similar problems or ideas, - could it be my firewall?



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asked a tec friend in Chicago, - he tried Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and Firefox and failed, - then tried Chrome and succeeded - all from the same laptop.

I installed Chrome, - still cannot get file to upload.

Get error 101/ page not available/ time out etc.

DV lottery applications will be a nice bit of business for spectrum,

we charge £15 for the first, and £10 for every other family member and we get many big families.

- but we cannot verify the images, - anyone elso having problems ?



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