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If you are prepared to trash your £100 laser printer just to find out if it is compatable then you are a braver man than me.

There are many technical reasons why some laser printers will not handle unusual paper stock.

The OCE printer suggested by MT has a straight paper path, and has many different media settings.

Thick media can suck a lot of heat out of the fuser unit, so select the thickest choice available, but do be prepared to have to buy a new laser printer...... or possibly just scratching a drum or fuser roller hence leaving marks on future prints.

If you have spent 50k on a minilab, why be so mean about a laser printer?

On a single good day i can make enough profit to buy a new printer.

If you are in the room, Be In The Room!


PS - Agree with marcus about canon laser printers, - used to be the dogs ********, but now they don't like unusual paper stocks, the Xerox DC12 is superior in every way!

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They have different papers for different machines.  If your £100 printer is not on their list then they won't be able to offer any help if it does not work.  I am sure you can try anything at your own risk.  When we had an old Canon CLC t-shirts were not fun, singles were normally OK, but get an order for a dozen for a stag do with big heavy type and we always seemed to run into trouble with paper feeds, jams, inconsistent colour etc.  Xerox DC12 just does what you want it to do.  Does your current laser do A3 card with no problems?

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weve been making canon CLC tshirts since canon invented CLCs!

we have never had success with magic touch - but xpres and others have been fine.

there is no fall off with quality - some brands do stick together which can cause probs - but that is the paper not the copier. if your colour quality reduces then the copier needs to be slowed in it's quality/media settings.

with reference to your equipment - £100 lasers are never gonna do this job. think "copyshop" - get a machine that can do the job (and contract) and get into copying/printing/stationery etc etc too....

we also use sublimation and this should be part of your decision making.

PS. capital outlay is the scurge of all our businesses: we dont use xerox because they want you to buy the equipment. if youre doing enough they give you the machine just for the maintenanence "click" charge.... shop around :)

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The pre-treatment is for the models with WHITE inks.  Use a small paint roller to apply to the T-shirt, heat press it dry, and you're ready to print (white ink requires 2 passes - first pass for white ink, 2nd pass for colors).

These are a neat way to print onto Black / dark clothing, but too much "hand" for me to want to sell.  Longevity is OK, without much cracking or peeling, but they're just WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.  $8K - 16K per unit is ridiculous, unless you can justify it.  And they're not much faster than a Ink-Jet printer since they're using Epson print heads.

Just get the Ricoh GX7000 with the optional paper try, and you can do 13"x19" dye-sub prints.  8"x10" prints in about 45 seconds.  If you're doing volume, this is the way to go, and only around $1100 USD with the first set of dye-sub ink cartridges.  Print quality is also OK.  By the time you're done pressing your first shirt, your second and third print is already out of the printer.  You'll be waiting on your heat press, instead of waiting on your printer like all other sublimaters are now.

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Dig Dave,

thanks for your comments, - I offer A4 Dye sub, - and A3 laser, A4 WOW, and bigger for cut. WE also do embroidery.

What I want is to be able to offer fully floating well washable designs on a broad range of coloured/dark garments.

I think I do have the level of business, - and I want the jobs we have to turn away because we cannot print that way, or because I am not confident enough about the washability of the methods we offer for long term wearing.

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