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What makes a perfect work envelope?


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As a minilab we have used a work envelope that has not changed much in over 20 years even though the services we offer are radically different.

We need to record client name and contact details, job info, collection time and price as always.....

We used to put film(s) inside at the start, end finish with envolope(s) of photos.


there is often no media, maybe a reciept from a kiosk, or a memory card, cd, or print that needs scanning, and the finished job might not fit in the work envelope because it could be a mug, canvas, poster, t-shirt, or stack of 500 prints!

The work envolope can get so messy by the time a job is complete that I feel it is detremental to the great work we have done.

Is there another way?

Maybe just a sheet of paper, or a plain envelope?

The gusseted sides, sticky closing tab, perforated tear off, and barcode and unique numbers make work envelopes an expensive bit if packaging and wonder if there us a better way?

Suggestions, or images of your solutions much appreciated.


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When I had the shop/s we did away with the work envelope years back. We had A5 With order form on the front, the top had a perferated tear of strip, with job number on it, the back also had additional order form.

We used Grip Seal bags, that we used over and over again.

It saved us money, the actual form was easy to adapt, and change, and printing was done by a local firm . I was always suprised that people had not changed

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We use an A4 order form with tear off top & job number.  We then put this in a A4 plastic filing pocket, for normal photo work we use as tradition envelope.  Kiosk work is stapled to the order form.  Prints etc are returned to customer in filing pocket with work sheet inside.  If the work is too big, say canvas wrap, mug or enlargement we just tap the work sheet to the wrap, mug box or enlargement envelope/tube.  We are lucky as we print these inhouse so can put just what we like on it including a small coupon like ad.  "£5.00 of next pair of binos or scope" at present.  Often the customer will leave A4 pocket at counter and we will reuse.

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I also use an A5 sheet that I print myself and clear self sealing plastic bags. I use normal print envelopes for prints and boxes for larger quantities. I don't bother with numbered reciepts, most people just lose them anyway. Customers name and phone number is how the work is identified.

I would really like to see a different print envelope design that has a secure pouch for memory cards that you could see, and when the customer picks up the work you can point to it and confirm that yes your memory card is HERE.

I have had customers lose their cards after leaving the shop and then try to blame me.

Like most things in photo labs, the design of envelopes is based around film, which stopped being relevant years ago.

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