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settings for a mug press


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Pressure and times will vary hugely, i've used various machines.  My latest press doesn't seem to give me a really good wrap although it is a very good one. I cant get anywhere close to the handles. I'm guessing the silcone wrap is not as good as it once was as i have to do it on one side first and then rotate it to the left to do the other side.

I use 200 for my temp and this gives me a very bright vibrant result.  

Check out the sublimation forums and you'll find lots of advice.

Buy the straightest mugs you can as many aren't and to be truthfull even from the same supplier you can get the odd wavy mug, it's a difficult one this but don't be afraid to ask the suppliers as some mugs can cause no end of problems.  

If you want to pm me i'll give you a couple of names where I have very recently bought a few hundred from with very happy results.

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thanks for all the help guys, phew i ve learned quite a bit today. thanks for the tip about heating the bottom of the mugs nash, the bottoms of my mugs were coming out sloppy until i tried that. i guess the big thing i figured out today was to over colour the photo being applied in photoshop (ie made the reds a lot redder) as when the transfer was applied the colours are not as vibrant, so this compensates for it. ive found with my press to get the best results i had to set it to 190degrees for 200 seconds any less and the transfer was faded and any more the transfer wsas along burnt of the mug.

are you guys having much luck with the gifts? im probably going to get a heat press next as i outlab a far few t shirts at the moment, anyone have anyluck with gift promotions?

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I guess you are talking about sublimation mugs?????

First up, you should obtain a Icc profile for the sub ink set that you apply to your image as you print it.

Secondly, nit all mug clamps are created equal, when warm and ready, as Soon as you insert a mug the temp crashes, so must rise to sublimation temperature, and stay there for the correct period.

Too short is patchy, too long is blurry, once cooked get the paper off and mug cooling asap coz otherwise it will keep cooking!!!

We idle at 150c and cook at 190c for about 30 seconds.

Mugs can be VERY variable, and cold mugs can have bottom problems...... So sit them on your hot T press fir half an hour, or half fill with boiling water first.

Blankets can last from 250 to 3000 mugs and again can be dodgy.

You might be lucky, but I don't want to buy a cheap mug clamp, I want to make money!


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blurry means overcooked, - the solid turns to a gas and 'sublimates' into the coated mug.

After a while it spreads out and 'blurrs' - so i suggest reducing the cooking time.

It is why it is important to strip paper immediately, - and dip mug into bucket of warm water to stop process

Expect a lot of image to remain on the paper, - that's fine.

blurry areas are probably hot spots on the blanket.

out of interest - where did you get your clamp ? - I have seen them new for under a hundred quid, .... I spend about 350 each, - and follow the instructions, - and they work ! - can do upto about 100 mugs a day - no failures !. When there is good profit to be had, - it makes total sence to get good kit, - why I always pay the bit extra for Magic touch, - they do the research and learn the lessons so I don't have to, - and I can phone and speak to an expert anytime i need to.

You may be better off dumping a cheap mug press and getting into it properly so you enjoy doing it, predictably, reliably, and profitably.


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There are 2 main ways to get into t shirt printing.....

Laser transferes or sublimation.

IMHO laser is slightly more expensive to get into but gives many many more options and much better results.

Sublimation is cheaper to start up, but has limited choices, is less reliable, and per unit costs are higher.

The Magic Touch is a great place to start.


The Adkins BETA press is brilliant, - costs £850, and should last for ever, can get on ebay for half that ... maybe.


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I can do that, but if you have an inferior press then you won't be able to press it properly.

Why don't you ask Magic Touch for a sample and maybe a readymade T for you to touch and wash.

Laser on White does fade a little on washing unlike sub, but you can press onto prettymuch any fabric, and are not limited to the expensive poliester tops.

The laser on dark OBM product is very washable


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Yes AJLA i am currently printing on iron on ink jet transfer and also subli flock

ink jet transfer will not last after a couple of washes whereas subli flock transfer is far superior

i just wanted something simple like ink jet iron on transfer which would last longer after washes.

i`m thinking maybe laser iron transfer will last as long as sublimated transfers

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