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acrylic frames


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We are thinking of trying to sell acrylic frames but just wanted to ask for opinions. Is anybody out there in the UK selling them and how are they going. Where do you buy them from apart from Lion?  We have never successfully sold frames for more than £30 but like the look of acrylics and think they wiil  go well for xmas as long as we display them well and price them correctly. Any opinions?


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I bought mine from Lionand thought I would have a go, like you Lesley I don't do too well with the more expensive frames.  I thought them attractive myself and decided to make a nice display with them to encourage maybe a younger more modern  clientele.  Not that i'm complaining about the age of my current customers as they have kept me going for 18 years but generally youngsters do not shop here.

Anyway to cut a long story short.. sold one and the displays still there!!  Maybe they will go for Christmas who knows.

I'm sure in some parts they go very well.

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