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We are looking at re-inventing a loyalty club for customers. Years ago we used to run one and it was successful but that was based on film. Those were days when customers were 'wowed' by a free index print. Somehow we didn't think that same offer would work any longer.

Has anyone found a profitable model or new twist on the old offers that actually works? :-/

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What I have seen work well at certain Kodak Express stores is where with every $10 or so spent you earn one point and then once a certain number of points are collected they earn so much off their order of any items, the customer could also stock up on their points to get a considerable saving e.g One person saved up $100 savings and didnt pay for any orders for a while!

The system had cards that the customer handed over when paying for their order, the card was scanned through the POS system and the consumer could decide whether they would like to use their points or save them up. Each KEX store had their own amount of points to savings set up but was all based on the same system.

Hope this helps :)

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