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Software for bulk printing with ordinary printer?


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nearly everyone has an inkjet printer at home and can print reasonable images with it. Using one will only give you a poor reputation and cost you money/trade (I can point to several people locally who have tried this). If you seriously want to do this you will need the proper kit. Minimum is a dye-sub printer, which have dropped in price considerably over the last 12 months. If you need something with more capacity, look at the 'dry labs' on offer from Noritsu/Fuji/HP. Seem expensive, but you got to look at the per print price and the longevity of the machine.

As previously said, a home printer just will not last. To get the best cost/profit ratio you will doubtless be using a bulk feed system with pattern inks, and probably the same with paper. You will just not be able to get the consistency and repeatability necessary for this kind of work.

  It all depends whether you are trying to build a business to last, or one to move from town to town.

Good luck.

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Thanks so much everyone for your advice. I think I have a way for cutting cost by refilling the ink cartridges...which is much cheaper....and the "bulk" might not run into thousands of fotos per day...not many digital camera owners over here. I am setting up a place mostly for quick passports...as well as doing ocassional "paparazzi" - which over here means going to a function, say a school open day, graduation day etc...and taking fotos without requesting the subject, print at your own cost and risk...and risk that the subject will pay for it! Sorry but I just cant afford a kiosk or a dry lab at the moment. Thanks again. Any more ideas would be most welcome!

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