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MYSTERY ?? duplicate same name files on XD card


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Had a client in with a 512 xd card this morning, - could see images on camera.

inserted card into pc to check, ejected, then into kodak G4 kiosk, - all files duplicated, same name/size/image but cannot find wanted images

re-inserted xd into pc - looked again, ejected, then back into g4 - now got 4 of each file ! - but are missing many files too !

When right click/properties - says card has 1020 meg (is a 512) - all files present including AVI files are repeated 4 times with identical names, dates, times, sizes.

Have we corrupted card ?

card about 1 year old, full, fuji blue, never re-formatted,

BUT - client could see pictures on camera when brought in, - cannot see anything now .....

Have run Zero Assumption - found 230 images and plenty of avi files, - good thumbnails, but incomplete files so grey portions of wanted images.

Anyone encountered anything like this. I suspect we have done the damage, and want to avoid ever doing again, and any way to fix images on card ?

Have copied each named file separately, - but they are the same (good) part set of images, - and I need the missing ones.

Will run PhotoNose and PC inspector

suggestions - how has it happened, any more recovery options ?


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unfortunately I have had a problem with a xd card only this week, can't remember if it was a H or M type but it certainly was one of them.  I used it with the sandisk reader in my kiosk but when I later used it in another pc all files had disappeared.  

They were recovered with recovery software but the card reader is clearly not 100% secure and I have no idea why as everyone I talk to say they have no problems with this reader.

I'm another who does not trust them and I would NEVER buy a camera that uses one.

Infact I almost cringe when they appear in the shop.

There may be many advantages to digital but my job has not been too enjoyable with this invention!

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Intrestingly Fuji have stopped using XD cards in theit cameras and Olympus now have a choice of SD or XD or SD only in their new cameras. Seems this was an idea that never really worked properly. Give it a couple of years and you won't see many XD cards if any. I'm seeing less and less as users become frustrated with them Unreliable little bits of sh#t  >:(

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If you do a google search on this, you'll find many examples of this problem. In my view XD cards are of a faulty design, Olympus should have stopped using them years ago.

You could try some different recovery programs, but in my experience the more times you perform a recovery, the less successful it becomes, the data seems to become more & more scrambled!

I have considered in the past refusing to deal with these cards.

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Thanks for the comments and links.

I have performed a number of rescues, and have tons of folders with many many images. - all images have been renamed by the recovery software

Most images are duplicated many times, - but I think that there are a few unique images scattered amongst.

Some images thumbnail ok, - but have part of the image horizontally greyed out.

Having spent many hours recovering the files I would like to present them to my client as attractively as possible, - and preferebly without duplication, - is there any software out there that can compare images and delete duplicate data so I end up with one neat set ?

I can see the truoble these cards have caused many others, - can you post text wording of your disclaimer.

How do you respond to XD cards - do you warn before handling, say no, - or just prey ?



I hope to give my client a cd with the recovered images, with cropping out for the partial images, - but that is a lot of manual cropping. Am thinking about putting through kiosk, and changing print channel to a cd burn channel to do a tidy cropped save, - and other FASTER suggestions ?

thanks Again


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