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In-shop Studios?


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You are in the photographic industry, seems crazy not to do the bit that can earn more money than simply processing, if you have the space.

Children or simple pet photography combined with some form of competition (Prize of a canvas bonded print or a few framed prints) at times like mothers day, Easter and Christmas gets people through the door. Shoot and display on the wall, only printing prints that have been ordered. Personally it seems to be woman photographers who have the rapport with kids, the fashion for boudoir photography, pregnant ladies, or silk purse out of a sows ear photography, (make over) all are areas that a man would be accused of been a dirty old man.

A lot of very talented people leaving art and photographic collages that need a studio to get going and make a name, supply the studio, a PC and give them a cut. They can work in the shop do restorations, practise photoshop, bring in new ideas that appeal to the young, who spend money, What can you loose?

All the above are rantings of an old man who understands that after been in an industry a bloody long time you can not be an expert at everything, new blood with coaching from the old fart could be profitable to all concerned.

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Really, JUST DO IT.  We set up 2 mini in-house studios in 1999, and now it is over 60% of our business.  Start up costs are relatively low, (mono-lights, soft-boxes, light stands, bogen background rollers, imported chinese muslins backgrounds, aluminum tubes for paper backgrounds, muslin track system, remote transmitter/receiver [phottix], digital camera) and the returns are ridiculously high for your initial cash outlay.  

The only difficult spot is getting the word out, but once your regulars know you can do portraits (baby/teen/couples/family/head shots) they'll flock to you IF YOU GIVE GOOD SERVICE!!  Personalize their experience at your store and treat them right, and they'll come back, over and over again.  We're in a "poor" part of town, so we get the dregs, but market yourself (and price your services) from Mid to high (to start) and you'll wonder why you didn't do this sooner.  

I can understand why snappy snaps is opening up studio only locations.... because it's profitable.

Once the economy "recovers" I'm very inclined to open up a mid-to-high end photo studio.

Magenta does have a very good "angle" on how to get started with an in-house photographer, and a very good option to consider.... I might have to do this for my new studio  ;)

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