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There's also ChromaBlast - which uses special ink specifically for 100% cotton, has a "hand" (clothing jargon for "you can feel it"), and lasts ok (I picked up a sample at a trade show about 2 years ago and it still looks pretty good, washed about 20 times), but not forever as with dye-sublimation.

Then there's the "DTG" - direct to garment - specialized machines that'll put ink on just about anything.

And also "plastisol", and several other types of papers that you can print on your laser / ink jet printer (like what photographis suggested above) that can be put on cotton.

And yes, you need a heat press.

check out :  Lots of good information so you don't have to re-invent the wheel.



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Laser costs more to setup, - but is cheaper and faster to run/use than inkjet transfere materials.

and more reliable results.

All the above suggestions are for full colour printing.

for single colour you cannot beat cut vinyl - using sheets or rolls of material cut through a plotter with the unwanted weeded away.

For any print you do need a heat press, - get a really good one, - in UK that means Adkins - about £900 but worth every penny, - go for about half that occasionally on ebay.

Note - Sub only works on 100% poliester, - if you do it on 50/50 poly cotton then the 50% in the cotton washes out after the first wash !

Garment personalisation is a great business for me, - and Magic Touch are fantastic partners - unlimited free training too, - and lots of 'how to' videos on their web site. - recommended.


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