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Edge damage - Fuji paper

Richard SPC

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I just wondered whether any others in the UK are experiencing edge damage on Fuji DP paper.

We use all widths up to 12", but tend to see most damage on 6" and 12". Just had to strip off about 40m from one 12" roll to get past the damaged part.

Yes I know that we can get a credit from Swains for damaged rolls, but it is just the pain in the butt factor rather than anything else.

Looking at the rolls, it appears that they have had one hell of a bang on the edge.

When delivered from Swains, their outer boxes seem undamaged, so all that I can think is that the paper has been banged when packed into the boxes in Holland.

This problem is nothing new as we did get it when supplied by Tudor, but dont recall so many instances.

If anyone has any ideas/solutions I would be most grateful.

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This is a common problem,

I use Kodak paper, but it doesn't make any difference. I suggest trying a different supplier as the problem may be with the courier. I have seen a national courier guy drop boxes from the top of his trailer to the ground without any reguard for the contents. So don't ignore the possibilty.

(Needless to say my suppliers don't use this company).I use suppliers Tetenal, Swains and Photomart and don't get any problems with roll damage, but did from Tudor in the old days.


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