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SDHC readers


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I know there's been chit chat on here about these .

Found this yesterday:-


I ordered one and it turned up 10 mins ago (great service) I had a customer's 4gb SDHC lying around so I plugged it in and inserted the stick into the nearest usb port to hand- it worked perfectly!!

I've now tried it in the mini-lab, two kiosks and a PC, it worked perfectly in each.

So this is Tony's Tuesday best buy  ;D

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If you buy direct from Hama, they sell ones that read SDHC plis micro SD and mini SD without an adaptor for between £3 and £4. They will also sell well in the shop for between £10 and £15.

Another good tip- thanks Cecil, could you post up their web address please?

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I'll vouch for the Delkin SD to CF adapters.  We were using those before we upgraded all our Card Readers.

Was great to be able to service customers with 4GB+ SD cards without having to transfer their pictures or have them "come to the back" to manually choose their prints.

BTW, We've got 3 of these we don't need any more - any one interested ?  Ships from the California.

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