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How do you sell your shop?

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Not surprised to see your message after the conversation we had at the KEX conference. Depending on whether you rent the building and if your name is on the lease will depend on how you sell it. You would want it ideally to go as a going concern and not an empty building. There are plenty of agencies out there that will try to sell it for you ,but whatever you do do not get involved with RTA. Not a good company.

Hope everything goes ok for you


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Thanks all! Very supportive and helpful.

My problem is a common one, I am sure! I have 2 businesses, one is the kex shop which makes an ok profit (about 15-20k) and it pays my wages!

My other business is a school phot company which is extremely time consuming, and my head is mush by the end of each and every day. I cannot run 2 companies! It really is beyond my capabilities.

So I am left with closing, which would be heartbreaking. Selling less heart breaking and would show something for the 10 years of 60+ hour weeks. And not thought of, manager. The manager option is interesting but GOOD staff are hard to find and wages would make the current profit 0!

I will be the first to admit we could do alot better in turnover, not so sure about the profit at the end of it. I have no time to promote in any way so our turnover is based on loyalty and luck!

Would a manager take full conntrol, leaving me to run other things? Anyone sone this?

Really need to sound people out as very unsure of which direction to take!

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Hi Stephen

been following this post with some interest I found myself in a similar postion several years ago trying to run a schools / nursery photography business and a high street studio with a 1 hour photo operation an absolute nightmare trying to juggle all the balls,i would suggest one of the following options:

1) keep the shop and the 1 hour photo operation look for someone who works for a lab and is a good printer there are always quite well trained staff in pro labs but they arent always paid very well you may well be able to poach someone or find someone who is looking to start up on their own or can come in and run this side of things for you and do all your printing for the schools along with the shop this will free you up no end.

2)close / sell the shop move lab to a small industrial unit or home or look for new home with outbuildings/barn attached and concentrate on the schools/nursery side do your printing in the evenings or bring someone in part time to print for you,shools /nursery market is very lucrative once you are doing your own printing or already  have the equipment to do it, just look at tempest for an excellent example.

what did i do you may be asking,shut the shop bought a house with  large outbuildings, converted them into a lab with studio facilities and reception i now concentrate on promoting and servicing schools / nursery market do all my own printing and pick and choose studio work i want to take on at weekends and school holidays.

although i still hanker after another high street shop hence my interest in these boards but am quite happy with my lot at present.

hope the above is of some help.

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Getting a Manager, or at least a senior staff member is a good idea. With the economy the way it it you can get some good people right now. Could even incentivise them. Definitely a good option as you don't get much for these businesses if anything.

You could build the sales up with either the KEX marketing or an independent programme. Not hard to get things moving if you feel the shop still has potential.

Good luck with your decision.

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We looked at selling about 3 years ago but in the end decided to keep it and put more resources in to make it successful. I am glad we did. Not sure what a manager is paid but we have a senior printer we can leave in charge for a week or two each year. pm me and I will give you some ideas on what we pay her.

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