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Photobook Pro and iPhoto


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Dear sirs

I have Photobook Pro machine, everything works fine but i have some questions from customers if i can make photobook made on MAC with iphoto, im pretty new to this photobooks and haven't found out how to do these books, hope there is a solution to this.

Best regards


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You should have in manual for Photobook workstation software (Imaxell) table which explains the standard print lengths for different photobook dimension, and there is also formula to calculate the length for the cover depending off the number off the pages in the photobook.

I do not have it with me, but I can check by Monday when I am back in the office, and I will explained how to use this formula (it is a little strange formula).

All off this is not important for DKS2 & 3 because you can send the book directly to machine and when you set it to automatic paper advance the cover will have proper length.

This is important for Fuji, Noritsu, but also if you are using something like Dg Foto Art software http://www.pxlsoft.com/dfagold/goldindex.php

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