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I have done T's mugs and more for near 20 years. I have got to nominate The Magic Touch as being near perfect suppliers in this field.

Their products and range are broad,though I would suggest Laser over sub due to speed, cost, and reliability.

M T give unlimited training, and you do need it, and their technical support is only a phone call away when you get odd requests.

The others have some good stuff, but I have felt I am just sold stuff and not supported. Magic touch genuinely support me, just watch their "how to" videos to assess.

Photo gifts are not price sensitive, just service sensitive .......

Get it right first time !

My 2p worth


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It's a funny thing, I just signed in to give Magic Touch a plug myself........


  Try them, they are very helpfull people. We use all three, for various items, but technically The Magic Touch are not only excellent, but are committed to ongoing trials in various aspects of this field.

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