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whiter whites


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all of a sudden last week, our whites have been coming out a bit cream ( silver halide prints)

Its all papers, test prints etc.

we changed the p. stab to no effect.

could it be anything to do with the ambient temp. in the shop which was very warm last week. Could that have afffected all our paper.

Prints are acceptable but look kind of full-cream milk now instead of semi-skinned.

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Paper is certainly temp. sensitive, read the storage instructions on the packaging.

If this problem is with all papers it is unlikely to be the paper (unless all mags are stored in the window!), more likely to be chemistry. A 'quick fix' (but no replacement for a plot) would be to dump 2ltrs or so from the main dev. tank and replace with freshly mixed. If it is the dev, you should notice the difference immediately.

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