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Greetings cards, business cards


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Look out for slitters.

Automatic machines for cutting Business cards out in the thousands. Do double cuts so great for full bleed etc.

Start about 1200  I think, - so you need to do a lit of them. Grat results, - thou have to say I didn't get one myself.

Morgana make a slitter, - but there is a cheaper one about too.

ditto hand creaser - about £100 - fine for 1 hundred run


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The only problem with the pre-scored cards is that the image does not bleed off the edge, if you trim them then they will not be a standard size.

Also if you are doing larger runs, 20 upwards it will make a big difference is you print 1 up or 4 up, especially if you are charged per click (print).

Scored cards OK for one offs, simple designs.

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