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As well as the usual and expected services a minilab has to offer what are you guys offering as add on services.  I can't help thinking that maybe after missing out on the VHS to DVD thing for so long I may have missed another opportunity.

Some of the services we offer off the top of my head:




T shirt printing





Watch batteries

inkjet/photo paper

Probably missing something but any further ideas?

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hey it`s the same for me but i explain that i charge 10p for a digital photo so i can`t be the cheapest  on everything "I do have overheads", but theres always a concession on large amount of copying.

An average of joe public does about 7 copies so £1.40 is not bad, small busineses do a lot more so for them i charge just 5p

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Here are some things that others are doing that I didn't see listed above:

Shoe box scanning ?

Photo Jewelry

Photography Classes

setup a little mini photo studio ?

Custom Framing

Posters, Collages, wide format vinyl signage

Greeting cards / invitations

Some of these could be categorized as "photo gifting", but could be strong on their own.

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What programs do you use for collages?

And photo books, what system do you use, since you use your lab? ClixxPixx?

And Photo Jewlery, what excactly does that mean, any good links to share?

What do you use to print t-shirt prints? And do it work on colred textiles?

Thanks :)

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Thanks for the tip!

Unibind looks great, but how does it work, on the demo it just seems like you put the pages into a "frame" and put it on the machine. Is there some kind of glue inbetween each page?

And can I use this cheap thing, or what system do you recommend? http://www.adorama.com/FSUPBC.html?searchinfo=unibind&item_no=7

Edit: I do see now that the linked one is only for 8,5x11", kinda small?

What do you use? This: http://www.unibind.com/unibind2008/PDF/BookCreator.pdf?

Lab only print 1 side, do you glue them together to get images on both sides?

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Got a request from a customer today, if we could to Cake topping with photo (you know, cakes with a picture on top, eatable)

I guess one would need some eatable paper and "ink"?

Edit: Found something here: http://www.cake-decorating-supply.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=6

Edit2: Wow, shipping on the photobook creator from US to Norway is more than the thing itself, :(

And the price for the XU 238 quoted Kr 7990,- ( 1140$ ) from the Norwegian importer of Unibind..

They did not sell the cheap one, US only..

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I have found custom framing is good. Although it can be time consuming, but I still have lots to learn with it, and feel there is much more potential, as I only take on basic framing jobs.

Have started doing block mounting, and want to do more display type printing as my large format printer is really under utillised.

Tried inkjet carts, but couldn't give them away.

Do some watch batteries, but steer clear of the expensive looking ones!

Passport photos are always good, have set up a mini studio for this.

Overall I am trying to keep things simple and concentrate on doing a few things well, rather than trying to offer a million different products, I am only a small business!

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Don't forget, to survive and thrive, we have to look at the "long tail of retail".... offering lots of different things, and making small amounts for each.  We can no longer survive on 4x6's alone.

We recently introduced photo crystals (outlabbed), but we're selling 1-3 of them a week.  This is a LOT more than we ever expected.  Our vendor is happy with our sales as well and delivers them once a week.

At $8 - $30 USD each, it's pretty good.  It's "better than nothing".

If we can't do it well in-house, I'd rather outlab it and make a little than not offer it at all and make nothing.

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Vinyl printed t shirts vary on how much vinyl i'm using ie text front or back or both etc the average lets say hen night t shirt I usually retail for about £8.50 including the shirt they sometimes bring their own shirts so the price is about £6.00 again depending on what they actually want.

I also do a range of our own slogan t shirts which I retail @£9.99

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T-shirts are not a known price item, - and I don't think they are very price sensitive, - price just needs to seem reasonable.

YOU are offering same day or 1 hour service - not competing with web or outlab, - so put prices up to reflect your quality and service.

You can always discount, - but cannot easily increase price !

We find that £10 is a base price for print (cut) only for 10+ items

Why give it away - or do you think you are wallmark ?


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