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jessops it aint all bad iterim results march

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reading through the results for march 09 available in the jessops struggling thread there are a few nuggets to be had.

sales of photobooks are averaging 1000 a week about 35 per store

49 million digital images printed a growth of 7.5% on last year

online photo sales grew a staggering 28%

However their is an ongoing concern within jessops that sales may be lost to rival businesses although they say they have strong customer care and continue to build on this.

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Thanks, coloursphotographic! Those figures must be relevant to many of us, and handy to hear:

- more digital images being printed

- more sales being made online

- it is actually possible to sell photobooks

Those are nuggets indeed.

But David Adams' message seems to me to say there's no hope of shareholder value, and the company won't even be able to stay solvent without the help of the bank.

I read it like "We've done our best, and we'll keep trying while there's any hope at all, but the odds are stacked against us, and without assistance it looks like we could be done for."

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I think coloursphotographic! comments are valid and the reason why he has started a new thread.

OK agreed it don't look good for Jessops

But ignoring the massive hole they have found themselves in (borrowing too much selling too cheap bla d bla) they are seeing a big improvement in many areas that should be the core for all of us in this industry.

Working on the basis that you all, don't have the same sort of debt burden that Jessops have, that has got to be good news to all of us.

49 million prints made is not chicken feed at whatever price they have been charging and a 7.5% increase in anything other than overheads has got to make anyone happy.

So for this thread.... are you seeing these kind of improvements?

For those hoping to get a slice of the 49 million prints the easy way by wishing them dead and gone, will maybe think twice when they go to the back to borrow a few quid, to take advantage and the bank manager thinks if it could happen to a big company like Jessops.....

PS I think the convention for these things are, the above is IMO

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Agree  :) and as pointed out, there is a future, and a lot of work to be had. Creative out of the shell thinking, good local PR and the use of your imagination, can find the work.

Jessops, if they do go bust, could be a quick fix, but long term, not so....

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I dont' think the photobooks should be related to the store figures as I am guessing the vast majority are created online and probably delivered direct to customers.

Who is driving this print growth? Jessops or Cewe? After all, they are doing the fulfilment, Jessops have stood back from this for a while now. It was Snapfish uptil about a year ago.

While Jessops are making a big song and dance about the growth in these categories how much of the profit of these do the ACTUALLY get?

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