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What is everyone charging for passports?


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I have been thinking about changing the price of our passports. We have lost some competitors recently which means that there is not the same choice nearby. We were interested to find out what everyone else is charging and the packages you are offering ( 8's, 6's, 4's, etc? )

There was a good thread recently on marketing passports but no one really mentioned pricing. I would appreciate any feedback.

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Ok- here goes-

Adult UK- £10

Baby UK- £7.50

US and any other country that we cannot use our templates for- £15

Bus-pass, blue badge, non- specific ID- £4.00

Passport photos sold in 6's and are guaranteed to meet the regs

All others sold in 4's.

The local Post Office, Library and town council office send people to us.



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Spectrum Imaging have charged £6.99 for 4 Passport £8.99 for 8 same for kids/babies

Regular ID pics 4 = 4.99, 8 = 6.99

USA / odd sizes £9.99 for 2, 11.99 for 4 etc

we have charged this for a couple of years. Our experience is that many clients have had rejections before visiting Spectrum, - and are relieved to get them right, - so suspect could charge more.


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We have only 1 other shop in our small town doing passports. He charges £5.99 for 4 and we charge £7.99 for 8. Most people think we are the best value although they usually only need 2. We say they are needed for so many things (and hope they loose the extra ones before they need them!) We do other country ones for £15 but don't get many.

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