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Short run printing


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I have recently started to offer printing services such as business cards, letterheads etc..is anybody else offering these services..At present I outsource the work to the local printers ,but wouldnt mind investing in a  small digital press if theres enough work.Dont really know a lot about what is required.. ,so any help is appreciated.Also if anybody has any POS or window posters regarding these services, please could you post them on the forum


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Not really looked at the potential revenue but I have just bought a xerox SRA3 machine for or my own purposes.

so let me share what I know.

My printer cost £4k+vat

xerox page pack contract includes all maintenance and costs 8.17p per colour page that goes through, so if you are printing leaflets etc you need to know how to step them up to get as many on a page at a time.

they are a bit of a shit when it comes to colour management, if you don't give it exactly what it needs the quality is crap (CMYK on everything with correct printer profiles)

if you were printing to and stepping up you will need a trimmer (approx £600+ for a basic model)

contract is 6000 clicks a year and billed quarterly + you will get a bill for any over clicks. this cost includes the toners and maintenance but doesn't include the paper.

so, to print a double sided A3 it will cost about 21p

Can you make money?

PS. do not get an A4 machine on the same or any other basis. they are not upto the job and use toners like they are going out of fashion. (I have a 3 month old A4 that I can use 3-5 toners a day on which is why I have HAD to buy the more expensive unit, and xerox will not allow a stock of toner,you run out, they send what you have run out of)

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We have had a colour laser printer for ages and would n't be without.

Do you do t-shirts ? - if yes - look at the deal for xerox DC12 - free through Magic Touch subject to 1000 clicks at 16p per click - will copy onto pretty much anything !

Yes - you can make good easy money - posters , greeting cards, business cards etc.


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