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Polaroid DMP id photo system

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I've got a couple of DMP systems which need a bit of a service but Polaroid are no longer in the ID photo business.

They are producing YELLOW only prints - I have cleaned rollers etc but there is obviously some issue with the motor or feed for the dye sub print area.

On another camera - FLASH is too powerful - cannot turn flash power down - already on 0 - and cannot move further back ....

Suggestions welcome !

Are there any indipendant service centres about ? - I did hear that Polaroid Netherlands was still functioning, - but maybe that was a while ago ......

It's a great system - anyone any suggestions ?


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New company in Netherlands - ex Polariod staff servicing DMP system.

here are their contact details:

Hans Molzer

Service Manager

Imaging Product Services VOF

Hoge Bothofstraat 45

7511 ZA Enschede

The Netherlands

KVK: 08193591

BTW-ID :NL820655715B01

Office phone :    0031 (0) 53  4848676

Mobile phone:    0031 6 230 460 87

email hansmolzer@polapremium.com


Supplies available from:

CBJ International


tel 00 44 (0) 208 421 2187

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