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Swine Flu


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Driving into work this morning, listening to Wogan (as you do), there was a mention on the 8.30 news that 23 people in Scotland are being tested for Swine flu.

This got me thinking- considering what we do for a living, are we putting ourselves at risk? People come home from their holidays/ honeymoon/ business trip and what do they do? Drop in to their local minilab with their camera cards, CD's, films etc. If they've just come back from Mexico could they be infected but not as yet showing any symptoms? Could they have left the virus on the items they hand to us?

Am I being paranoid or is this a genuine concern? If so what can we do to protect ourselves? Masks only provide a short term solution and must be changed several times a day. What about latex gloves? They would work but your hands would be like prunes by the end of the day! And offer no protection against aerosol transmission (sneezing and coughing)

Any thoughts people?


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MEDIA PANICK!!!!  (They need something to panick about)

The influenza virus takes something like 36/72 hours to circumnavigate the globe (W.H.O.). Even if you outrun it, you end up meeting it where you started. Sorry Tony, if you are going to catch the 'flu (swine or any other variant), you will. All you can do is try to keepaway from obvious sufferers, and there is some doubtfull proof that large doses of vitamin C helps the immune system.

   When it happens, it happens, part of life's rich tapestry.

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Just got home and been looking at the news ref swine flu. Not good.

I was going to post a long rambling thing with lots of reference to piggy things but I've thought better of it. If anyone is offended by the above jokes let me know and I'll remove them.

Please, no more jokes as I get the feeling this is no longer funny.

But to return to my original post, I still think this is something we should bear in mind, not just for us but for the safety of our staff.

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I guesse you are right Tony, but just as a measure of the effect of media hype, now would be the time to stockpile pork, particularly American. Even though they cannot spread the virus American pork has been banned by Russia and somewhere else I forget. Total insanity by those whom should know better.

  Being serious for a moment, if this does develop into a pandemic as in the 30's the death toll will be considerably higher mainly because of the density of population and the improved transport system. On the positive side, the virus seems to be mutating in the right direction, but still a little early to put the flags out.

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Aw fellas.  It's not nice to make jokes about the media who are just doing their job in providing drama to the masses!  Give 'em a break.  The global economic crisis is a bit ho hum now.  Their job is to promote fear and heck they do it well.  So, really, it's snout funny!

We're all being thermally imaged here at the international airports...in our out.   No cases in Oz so far.  Media is hoping.....waiting......  

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:X Hah!( As he chokes on his Coffee)  Nice one Liz.

   About 3/4mile away is one of the last (semi) intact Arsenic ovens where said mineral was purified. Untill Southwest Water (THE Waterboard) took over the purification and supply of water, Our water was sometimes tainted with high levels of Arsenic ( After they took over they decided we all needed increadibly high levels of Aluminium Sulphate instead. This has a similar effect to Arsenic, instead of insanity you suffer from Alsheimers).

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