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minilab cost analysis paper chem elec

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Anyone here done a recent cost analysis on running costs for paper chemistry electricity with the recent price increases on all of the above.

I was about to embark on a cost study to see what the price is to print a 7x5 / 10x8 etc on my old calculations on ra4 i had a 7x5 including paper chem electricity down at about 16pence a 7x5 and a 10x8 at about 50 pence.

cant remember what it was just for a film process  maybe 50 pence?.not done this for about a year or so.

might save me a bit of time if someone else on here has recently done this,still think ra4 is far cheaper than any of the others to produce,putting aside the capital investment already made in the minilab.

anyone done costs of ra4 versus dye sub/ink jet etc.

would love to hear other thoughts on this.

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