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How to remove the base colour cast from neg scan?


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Here are a couple of samples. named by film type - jessops and kodak ektar.

Client not expecting pro results, - just a desire to get somthing that looks like a photo !

Gotta say - I thought it would be easy, - but cannot work out how ....

Must be a solution, - after all, - that's where photos come from, - or they used to ....



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I Love em all.

Personally I'd rather offer the acid special - wot drugs you on Neil ?

on a slightly more conservative level, - how did you do it ? - especially the natural(ish) looking ones Dave / Nick ?

I keep hearing about people creating 'actions' in photoshop, - personally, - never done it or used one. - Don't suppose it's rocket science, - just never been there yet (don't tell ;-))

Bearing in mind that different film types have different base colours,(supply of Jessops & Kodak scans) - AND - emulsions carry colour info in different ways (remember colour hand printing, - or KIS/Durst ?)

Is there any way of automating the colour conversion process that you have made into some very nice/acceptable results from?

If I have folders and folders of such images, - is there any way that I can convert the whole batch in a single action without having to open, do stuff, save etc x 36 exposures ?

I will share the why and the value of this project to whoever helps me crack it, and a pint to all players.

Thanks for your cleverness.


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I must be missing something here.

How are you scanning these negs?

If they are done on a flatbed are you using reelection or transmission.

All the scanners supplied with Noritsu kit have a top light source. Select transmission and Negative film and it will get it damn close without using photoshop.

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Hi Magenta, - you are missing somthing, - these scans are made with a digital camera, - and it needs to be that way. Propper scanner not an option.

Had some great tips from Big Dave.

Any ideas how to make some automated action or script so that I can just offer a folder of say 36 image scans - and get 36 semi reasonable pictures?



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you can make an automated action in photoshop that will run through a folder of photos and carry out the same task on each. It is possible to combine several steps im 1 action.

In this case you would need to invert the image (to turn it to pos from neg) then perhaps carry out a colour alteration and perhaps finally sharpen the image. In fact you can pretty much do anything you want in one action.

To see how to do it open photoshop and go into help, it's all explained there.



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What happens to the files once they are corrected?  Are you then going to print them trough a lab?  If so this would allow to fine tune colours and density to your preference.  As the method I used does reply on user input when removing the cast.  So if doing a batch you would have to put an average value in.

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