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I have just returned from the minilab forum in Altrincham. I must thank Neil (with the help of Nigel at PMA) for organising such a great event. It was well attended with minilab owners who were enthusiastic, friendly and, most importantly, willing to exchange ideas and experiences. Forum was the keyword...no talking heads, just like minded people determined to put their heads together to improve our businesses. I, for one, have come home with my head spinning with new ideas. You just can't buy information like this...pricing, marketing, promotions, equipment, etc were all discussed with complete openness by the attendees.

Definitely the best minilab meeting I have attended in ages. Thanks again Neil.

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At the conferance there was a man showing nice digital albums. I spoke to him on the phone right after and he was going to email what I had to do but sinse then not a dicky bird. I have lost his contact details but wonder if this is the type of aftersales that we would encourage me to do business.

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Thanks Cecilh, I remembered after posting, doh!

  We have used them, for only one calendar. We found the online service a little laborious, but I don't see how it could be made easier. The service was reasonable, I believe we had the calendar within 5 days, and the quality was as shown at the conferrence (good). They have various levels of service, which are very interesting. Good for your website, but unsure about 'in-store'. Samples are needed to show off the quality (and show up the competition).

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