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urgent film id required


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Just been given three old kodak 120's tp process.

they are marked:-

kodak verichrome pan 120

are they colour trans?

Black and white?

colour neg.?

see photo below.

I have a sneaking suspicion they are B&W, but would like confirmation before i start to develop them.



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Despite having 'chrome' in the name, these are black and white films, and can not be processed in C-41 machines.  A usual indicator of this on older films is the 'pan' designation. This refers to panchromatic, meaning it is sensitive to all colors of light.  Some older black and white emulsions were orthochromatic, meaning sensitive to blue light, and could be developed under safelight just like black and white paper.  As the panchromatic films became popular, it was clearly marked as such to prevent somebody from fogging them with safelights. Of course, these old films do not specify them as being black and white because color films were not commonly available at the time they were manufactured.

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