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BaseProcessing Konica R2,kodak kisok and Noritsu


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Was wondering if anybody had any techs that knew how to work on the konica r2 super 1000 and where to find chemistry at besides tetnal.

Noritsu- were to buy cheap paper at or how to uncode the machines to use paper from photomart.

Kodak kisok..parts. xd slot an cd drive..this is for a 6800..

As you can see your little shop is in need for some help.


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I have find this but i don't understand what kind of chemestry can use. If you have any answer please write me...

Advice Wanted Please

Morning All'

Probably a stupid question but here goes

I have a Konica R2 Super which only uses eco jet tablet chemicals ( very expensive!!!)

Now heres the question

Can I use the tablets from the Agfa Cpac Chemistry if I remove them from the D-Lab packaging and put them in the Eco jet containers?

See told you it was a daft question

Basically the tablets are the same chemicals so I cannot really see a problem with doing this

I think the rep rates can be adjusted to suit

Hope you guys can help



yes you can.


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