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Were you sitting in the bar?  I was there today from 12 till 6 and found quite a lot to see but of course we are involved in mini lab, camera retail, framing and studio/wedding photography. I found a great  little digital album which is 3" squre (great for grannys) costs about £3, can sell for up to £15 with no equipment except any inkjet printer and a computer! I took home all sizes of the new canvas wrap cards that only require a wideformat printer and you can do wraps in a few minutes. Some great new digital wedding albums on show. Spoke to Pami with all his Photoserve restoration, popart, watercolour etc etc. that is one of the ways we can make real money!

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When I said I took canvas wraps home I wasnt correct, I only made it as far as a small hotel near Leeds where someone set the car on fire during the night and everything was destroyed. I had about £3500 of shop stock and my insurance company say I am covered for £250! I hope my shop insurance will cover it or it was a very expensive trip to Focus.

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Enjoyed my visit to Focus however I feel the show is becoming more orientated toward the photography side, therefore if you are in the studio/minilab shop business then this would great,  saw many items which would be of interest to me if I had one.

From my shop point of view I am always searching for that wonder product, unfortunately who was there I am already dealing with so don't think I found it! !

Highlights for me... the little mini photobook gadget and the e xenux on the Photomart stand, think there is huge potential for that particulary if you have a creative/artistic person on board.  Mini photobooks were great but you would have to sell one heck of a lot to get your money back (as with all our kit I suppose)

Biggest  highlight tho a great bar of choccie from the nice guy on the Kodak stand along with a super Apex demo. Cheers for that!! ;) Followed by a nice drink in the organisers office, what more could I want?

Was worth a visit to see whats out and about

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