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Klicks/Max's closed nearby?


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The Spielmans near us closed at Xmas. We have seen an increase in customer numbers, but I have found that the average spend of the Spielmans customers is very low, typically a few 6"x4's. it's no wonder they went bust! I think they pushed the Kodak instant prints so much that their customers got used to ordering low quantities. Now I need to work out how to get them to spend more. Anybody any ideas?

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Klick did lots in gifts, big prints and canvas so if you want to be ready make sure you can do all these fast and at comparable prices - plus you have to promote it in the store hard. That was their only strong point although it didn't help.

We don't have any of their shops near us but I have looked at them closely when I have been up north. All those Kodak kiosks putting out dye sub were certainly not doing the industry or their customers any favours which is possibly why people were only doing a few prints at a time. Maybe if you could show them the quality difference, develop a pre-paid card or get some regular customer program going where after a certain number they get a 6x8 that could help. This tactic has worked for us against Boots and Superdrug who have all but abandoned the photo market around us.

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Also do not forget the PMA Mini Lab Forum next weekend

draft agenda is below...

Minilab Forum 7th February 2009

The Cresta Court Hotel, Altrincham near Manchester (UK)

Free parking. Excellent public transport, only a 20 minute Tram ride from Manchester Piccadilly Train station. Close to main coach station, and a 15 minute taxi ride from Manchester International Airport.  


Saturday 7th February 2009

9.30 Retailer and Supplier Forum

Chairman for the morning session will be Neil Taylor of http://www.minilabhelp.com .

Retailers talk about their experiences and their successes and those projects which were perhaps not so successful. There will be presentations by retailers and discussions of the ideas put forward. Discussion topics will include: improving your bottom line; marketing to families; the growth and opportunity of business to business; the future of 6x4; dry or wet?; large format etc

12.30 Supplier Demonstration Centre

14.00 Special Subjects Forum

Chairman for the afternoon session will be Nigel McNaught of PMA

Photobook Forum

There is a lot of talk about Photobooks restoring profit margins but consumer awareness is still low. Part of the reason may be that many retailers are still unsure of the mechanics for presenting and producing photobooks. How is the best way to produce the photobook? What price points should we be aiming at? What are the margins? Kiosk or on-line? In-house or outsourced? Inkjet, Dye-sub or silver? Join this forum to learn the answers to these and many other questions.

Photo Merchandise Forum

As a natural partner to photobooks, photo merchandise has been around for some time. It’s moved on quite a lot recently with new print materials and transfer capabilities which overlap with photobook activities and products. This forum will present new ideas and revisit old ideas to bring them up to date with presentations from suppliers and retailers.

Framing Forum

An in-house framing service is easy to offer and inexpensive to set up yet provides excellent margins to add to your own produced prints and to other prints and materials. This forum will look first hand at the space and investment and the ways to market this profitable service

19.30 The Minilab Forum Dinner

Relax, unwind and talk about the ideas put forward and how to make them work for you.

How to register

The price for the day to include all day time refreshments and all the seminars and forum sessions is just £30 plus VAT.

Tickets for The Minilab Forum Dinner are £30 plus VAT

To register for the 2009 Minilab Forum contact PMA at 01438 840 367 or email Tracey Chapman at tchapman@pmai.org .


We have negotiated a Special Rate of £55 per night at the Cresta Court Hotel. Book direct with the hotel on 0161 927 7272.

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We had a minilab near us close recently and found an immediate positive change in sales. Overnight business increased significantly and it has been sustained ever since. I don't think it was all from the closure directly though. After talking it over with our Business Advisor we are convinced their demise has spurred people into action - almost as if they thought all photo shops may be shutting up. This is because they left all the signs up, yet the shop is clearly closed and vacated.

Now we are working on strategies to keep this increase going. It is certainly needed. :)

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