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Valentine Promo


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Did anyone bother with a promotion this year? If you did, I hope you had more success than we did, in all it netted us around a dozen mugs and a pair of boxers. Very poor. But then, they aren't the most romantic around here. Usualy around this time of year we do quite a few locket minatures (which has been a bit of a struggle to price), but this year only one.

  'They' do say that in hard financial times, romance blooms, maybe it's just not hard enough yet!

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Such a romantic !!

disheartening tho when you put time,thought and effort into something.
Although we haven't promoted Valentines we often have requests for locket sized pictures etc such as yourself but this year we have only produced 1item that I am aware of anyway for Valentines, very poor :(
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I was wondering about other peoples experiances, because of my dissapointment I had visited our local jewelers (whom we do lockets for - a bit more networking - Have you approached your jewelers?) and they said that Valentines trade was down.

Don't feel quite so bad now I know the whole country seems to have lost it's romance.

A good time to say a very big thankyou to 'Magic Touch' for their VERY last minute help. Well done Guys 'n' Gals.

HMMM--- JELLY BEANS,,, no good for me to have them on the counter, I'd end up eating my stock!!

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We did well on frames prints and enlargements this year with even a few photo books. We're using a marketing programme that has a Valentines Day promotion so started that on the 1st of February. Slow to start but the beginning of this week took off and Saturday was very busy - twice what we would normally do. I think this year we have been lucky with it falling in the weekend as people had more time to shop.

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