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E4 process


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Well, here's one for the forum.

Just had an enquiry on E6 processing, which we do not do, although cross-processed several with our c41. It transpired that this chap has several rolls (120 and 35mm) of not E6, but E4, and was wondering about cross-processing.

Now, not wishing to insult or upset anyone, but this was before my time, does anyone have any idea whether this would work? I have pointed out that as the films are close on thirty (30) years old, any image remaining is likely to be poor, but this chap is adamant that he wants them processed.

He has mention the subject matter that is on the film, and it could be quite historicaly important, so I don't want to be responsible for destroying the (if any) latent images remaining.

Please, if anyone out there has any advice on this subject (even if 'leave well allone') get back to me asap.

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Excellent, thank you both. As I said this film is quite valuable and I was not happy to touch it without some expert advice, and these people seem to fit the bill perfectly. I will speak to them later. One or two rolls I can understand being 'forgotten about', but this guy has in excess of 40. Why?

  If this story develops (oooh) I will update the forum.

Thanks again!

Reading your post again, Neil, it is the temperature that destroys the emulsion, rather than the chemistry, thus requiring 'hardening' to help prevent sheding at higher process temps. is that correct? Not that I want to do this, but I do like to understand it. As I said, this process was well before my time, my HND barely touched on E6 (but then it was 'Photography and Digital imaging' and not process and finishing).

Thanks again.

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