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Video to DVD transfer


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i do all VHS and camcorder tapes in house on either + or - dvd`s of one dvd recorder plus dvd to dvd.

also whats more popular is avi clips of cameras and mobile phones onto dvd format which can can be played on a computer as well as a dvd player, the software is a freedownload of the web.

i took a revenue of about

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We've been doing this since late feb this year and it has been fantastic. Great income for minimal outlay. We have done radio ads to promote it and that has made all the difference. We do all the camera formats and VHS/VHS-C and BETA, and the Beta is really starting to fire as we seem to be the only one in town advertising it! Got a beta player on ebay for $102 and the first job it did was $525! The customer actually waited for the auction to end so I could do her work!!!!!

We outlab super 8/stan 8 and 16mm and get it back on VHS which we transfer to DVD in house.

We also do tons on slide scans and print scans, and our business is actually changing from a lab to a scanning destination. Many days now, we scan and burn more images than we print on our Noritsu 3202.

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Much the same here, Mr.Noritsu.

  We are lucky that we have a Studio on our doorstep who does all our film straight to DVD, saving us time (and hassle!).

  We are finding that it is not just scanning we are being asked about, but it seems the digital revolution has left most of the population floundering in it's wake. I consider my digital 'knowledge' to be scant, but my custom base seems to be growing in direct proportion to the amount of help and advice I lend.

  Instead of the mystery of the darkroom & lab, the digital revolution has given us another edge, or so it would seem.

  Thanks for the link, Nash!

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I have outsourced this service for years, - but always wondered about the combi VHS DVD recorders that can be bought for about 150 pounds - are these up to the job, - or does it need to be done through a pc with authoring software ?

I realise that presentation is half the job, - so doing a nice printed box is important, - but what kit do you use ?

what is best ?



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Hi tony we have being doing this for about 2 years now,using Win TV hauppauge recorder it records in mpeg-2 format

we then convert to video ts and then burn to dvd. we are doing vhs,8mm,Hi8mm and mini dvc.

I have also tried with some success recording 8mm kodachrome by projecting onto a screen then recording with a video

camera from behind and over the top.it may not be the highest quality but the ones that i have done the people are very happy.

people are very unwilling to spend $0.30 per foot for the pros to do the job.

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a customer has just walked in and asked for quote for 95 dvd`s
Is that one master then 95 dupes? If so, its only the master that would take time to prepare, the dupes, can run in the backgrounf with little work needing to be done. A blank DVD around 20p (or less), I would say this is a good price...
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That brings up another selling point. we were getting so many requests for multiple DVD's and CD's that I purchased a 7 disc duplicator. It paid for itself in 2 orders!!!!!

We charge $5 per extra CD and $10 per extra DVD and we always upsell additional DVD's when we are doing movie transfers by suggesting the parents may want extra copies for their children/grand children

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